Alex Petersen


“Alex is the kind of person that goes all-in on a task once it’s laid before him. A natural workaholic, he is constantly working towards his and his client's goals and always volunteering to do more. This has led him to massive success in all he does. With additional backgrounds in sales, construction, business management and piles of hobbies in the outdoors, muscle cars, motorcycles, dirtbikes, personal finance, travel, computers, cinema, and reading he is sure to mix well with anyone in any environment. Alex has some of the best communication standards in the game, and always makes it a point to keep everyone in the loop 24/7. He excels in problem-solving and negotiation tactics to make sure everyone is happy. In the real estate world, this translates to 10/10 customer experiences over and over again.

When not out saving the world, he is usually playing with his German Shepard Boone or on the motorcycle taking the path less traveled.

If you ever need Real Estate advice, or just want to chat about possible opportunities across numerous fields, he’s the guy to reach out to.”

TEXT OR CALL – 206-446-3673 anytime.

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