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As a member of Fitness Realty, Austin Hawks strives for outstanding customer service and client satisfaction in all aspects of real estate. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah Austin gained a vast amount of knowledge at an early age that began in high school; he attended West High.

Austin graduated in 2014 with a primary focus on automotive repair, collision repair, welding, and business management. Setting his sights on a wide-open future, he turned to Real Estate, now being a focus on Austin’s agenda, he also owns three other businesses in the online retail, home remodeling, and food industries. He wouldn’t be where he is in real estate if it wasn’t for his amazing team members and most importantly his broker.

He dedicates everything he does in life to his amazing wife of 3 years and twin boys. Austin would not be as successful as he has been if it weren’t for his family's amazing support and understanding of the long days and hours it takes to strive for the satisfaction of all clients in every facet of his business.

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