Jonathan (Chuck) Olsen

Mortgage Loan Officer

My name is Jonathan Olsen but most people call me Chuck, long story coming later. I am a "Former" US Air Force MSgt who retired in Feb of 2021. The last 3 years of my Air Force career I started working in my off duty time as a Real Estate Agent with EXP Realty and  following my Retirement from the Air Force moved back home to Utah and am now working as a Mortgage Loan Officer with Summit Funding.

I have always had a servants heart, I love to educate my clients and friends better understand the process towards Home Ownership. Sometimes that leads to an immediate purchase or sometimes it’s a "Get Well Plan" that is required to eventually be ready to purchase. Being an advocate for my buyers and friends and taking great care of them is my biggest priority.

My wife is an ER nurse at Lone Peak Hospital in Draper and as a family we are heavily involved in the Veteran, Law Enforcement and Medical First Responders communities. We know personally a lot of the barrier's and struggles that we have all faced as members of these professional groups and participating in the Homes for Heroes program is a passion of mine.

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Chuck Olsen


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