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What's up, everybody? Welcome to the Fitness Realty channel. My name is TJ McLelland, and I'm the broker. I'm super excited to share all the things we have planned with you, so sit back, strap in, and let's have some fun!

We're back for another fun chat, and I'm excited to share this one. So this one is going to be all about my first client. It's all the way back to North Carolina. So let's rewind, go all the way back to North Carolina from my very, very, very first client. So picture this. Young me, much younger than I am now, working at Coldwell Banker because that's where I didn't start out there, but that I didn't sell anything when I was at century 21 the very first time. Then they got bought out by a Coldwell Banker in that area. And so, while I was at Coldwell Banker, our broker there had this. They called it the office ambassador position.

The office ambassador position for the day was the person that sat in front of the office and answered the phone and directed phone traffic and directed any foot traffic that came to the office that day. So you can imagine, I didn't really know what I was doing, but I was the office ambassador for a Saturday, which was typically a lot easier because not very many people were coming into the office, and most of it was phone traffic. So I did have another agent that was backing me up, and for the life of me I cannot remember her name. She didn't really give me that much guidance. All I was doing was sitting and answering the phone.

I did have this phone call, though, come in while I was doing office Ambassador for the day. And the phone call came in, and the guy was like, hey, I think his name was Rex or something like that. Really can't remember his first name either. But anyway, he called, and he said, "Hey, I know you're a realtor. I saw this mobile home on the M LS. Is there any way that you can show it to me today?"

And I was like, yeah, I guess I mean. I had never shown a property, for one, and I had never actually talked to a real client. So to me, this was like super foreign. I did tell him, though. I was like, yeah, I can meet you over there. It's vacant, so we can definitely get you a showing. And then I asked the realtor that was with me there. I said, hey, there's this guy that wants to see this mobile home. And she was like, hey. Go show it yourself. You'll be fine. Just get out there and do the work.

I do have a caveat to that. I think that she knew it well. She knew it was a mobile home, so I'm pretty sure she was like, just go ahead. If I had a call for half $1,000,000 home at that time, I'm sure she would have said let me take care of it and help you. So, needless to say, I had the green light from the realtor that was with me to just go ahead, go show the home and let's see what happens. So I show up at the property because I think it was like 40 or 45 minutes away from the office.

So I show up at the property, I meet the guy there, and he literally falls in love with this place. Tells me his back story, tells me that he's coming down from Maine and that Maine has too much snow, so he was like, I'm getting the heck out of there. So he sold everything up there and was sitting on some cash ready to buy, and that he had a best friend in the same mobile Home Park.

So if you know a lot about me or you've listened to our podcast, you know, timing is everything. I've learned that from my mom. This guy literally landed in my lap, ready to buy with cash, ready to buy that mobile home because his best friend was living in the same area. I was like; I couldn't have asked for a better first deal. Or an easier first deal because I literally was with him for an hour and a half or two hours at the mobile home while we just chatted and discussed. And I went over the Rep C or the real estate purchase contract so that he could understand it.

And then I told him I'll get him the contract to sign, and then we can move forward. So, let's account an hour and a half, maybe two hours altogether, with him at that time. And then, since he was going to pay cash, it was about a one-week or two-week closing. I can't remember it was two weeks or if it was like 10 days or something like that. It was pretty close, but I put the deal together, told my the realtor that it sent me. I said, hey, I put this deal together. I really want to thank you for letting me go and do it by myself. And she was like, yeah, no problem, that's awesome, you know? So she was very congratulatory for me or giving me a big high five. So I was super excited about that.

So then we get to closing, and I learn one of the most valuable lessons as well. We get to the closing table, and he didn't bring a cashier's cheque. Brought a personal cheque. To me, I didn't know that was a no. No, I didn't. I didn't know that. That was bad. So I'm looking at him, looking at the title company, and I'm like, well, isn't a personal cheque good enough? Like? Because I didn't really understand people bounce checks either. So I was naive, you know, like young kind of stupid, not really knowing all the rules. So I'm like title company. Like he brought the cheque. Like, what's happening? Why is this not funding? You know, like, let's get to it.

Anyway, title companies like Personal checks. On the day of funding and recording is not going to fly. We need a cashier's check. So I was like, oh, crap. So I cruise over with him to the nearest bank. At the time, I think it was just Bank of America or something. We cruise over. We get a cashier's check. We come back to the title. And she's like, thank you so much, you know, got it all together, signed the closing documents, and for those of you that have closed a deal with cash, you know? Super fast, there are not very many papers to sign, so we literally signed like four documents and closed and then recorded later that afternoon.

And so for my first deal, my very first client, I think I had three hours involved with, but let's say maybe three or four hours. I think I've always calculated it with three, though. So I had three hours invested with this guy, and I think the Commission on that was like 1800 bucks. So I always say my first deal was a $600 an hour transaction, which was insane to me at the time when I was active duty military, and the pay was way, way lower than it is today and so. When I made that money, I was like, whoa, sweet. This is the best money I've ever made. It was super exciting. I was just so, so stoked to like close my first deal.

So I was really excited to close. It was so amazing to finally put my real estate license to good use because at that time, I think I had had my real estate license for four or five years altogether and just never had been able to do anything with it because I was always too busy deploying or teaching on base or turning jets for the military. So to finally close something and make it happen just felt so good to me.

For a lot of our agents on our staff that come to us, they're always like, hey, I'm going to close four deals in my first six months. And sometimes when they say that, I'm like, that is a great goal. It can happen, it does happen, and I want you to strive hard for it. But then I tell them about mine or what has happened to me, and I literally didn't close something until about four or five years into doing this job. Now mines a little different, right? Because I couldn't work the business all the time, but it just goes to show you that sales in real estate is relatively hard, but when it does happen, it is very, very sweet.

So anyway, that's a little story about my first client. I was super excited about that, getting it accomplished, getting him to close. And he was so excited to get that mobile home. And I was like, yeah, great, dude, I want you to buy, I want you to get in there. So he loved it. And then he went on some hunting trips with his best friend, and his best friend was into like hunting big game that was like weird. And I don't remember what they were, they were shooting or hunting, but one day they brought me some, like bear meat or something like that. We didn't eat it. Smelled kind of funny.

So sorry if you're ever watching this. Sorry, we didn't eat the meat you gave, but I just didn't know what to do with it. I mean, I do now because we have a trigger. But at the time when I, like I said, I was young and stupid. So anyway, that's been a fun story about my first client, and I hope that you had some fun listening to it, and we'll see you. And that's a wrap. Thank you so much for supporting us. We'll see you next time, and we love you!

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