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What's up, everybody? Welcome to the Fitness Realty channel. My name is TJ McLelland, and I'm the broker. I'm super excited to share all the things we have planned with you, so sit back, strap in, and let's have some fun!

Everybody, welcome back! This one is going to be a video or a chat all about the M LS. Now, when I say MLS, I'm not meaning the Major League system. What I'm talking about is the multiple listing service. So the MLS s is a tool that Realtors are paying for. We have to pay for access to it, and we also are paying the people that run it to make sure that the information on there is accurate, up to date, and at our fingertips. And so the reason that I want to talk about the MLS and why every client that is utilizing a realtor on our staff knows that they want to have access to the MLS is for this purpose right here.

The MLS is a great tool to have at your fingertips as a client. The place that a lot of people go to get all their information is Zillow or And so I want to try to make sure that everybody understands that the information that Zillow has. And the information that that has comes straight from the MLS anyways, and so they're taking the information from the M LS and popularizing it. That's not even a word that's like a Bushism right there.

They're populating it to or, and they're doing that to take that raw information and make it look like their own so that they can sell you a realtor, or they can sell all that data to Realtors as add space. And so, to make sure that you have the correct information, you need to be added to the MLS; super easy to do. Any realtor that's on our staff can load you and give you an account with the MLS. It'll be a client account so that you can thumb through the MLS, and you can see all the listings that are on there, and you can make sure that you see all the information that is up to date.

So I'll give you a little experience from my past and from clients that have really needed the MLS, and I've given it to them, but they refused to use it. This happens all the time. It's just the nature of the beast. People love to go to Zillow. They love the feel, the look, the everything. It's just what they come up with. Or it's what feels natural. So I've had clients in the past that we'll send Zillow listings to me. They're like, hey. I saw this on Zillow. It looks good. It looks like a great price. And it will be a ridiculous price, which I'm like, well, there's nothing like that anyways. But yeah, I'll go and look it up.

Well, it'll be a listing that was like one or two years old, which is why the price looks so good. It was one or two years ago in price, and that's one or two years of inflation, buyer demand, and everything that plays into the market. And so literally, they're jumping to try to see this because they're like, hey, this is the best home for the best price, and we will really want to see it, and I'm like, well, it's sold a year or two ago, and so there's no way we can see it for one, and there's no way we could even buy it because it's not available.

And so they'll do that a few times before I'm like, look, before you send me something on Zillow, just check on MLS or check on the MLS, which hopefully will get them to just start searching on the MLS. And that way, they can show me the ones that they want to see instead of the ones that are on Zillow that are all wrong.

Something to kind of there that I really enjoy too is that clients are always shopping online, and so you guys are always shopping online. You're always looking at a lot of pictures which is great. We want you to do that because it's hard for us to know exactly which homes fit the criteria that you're looking for. And so it's kind of a teamwork effort. You're looking online. You're looking on the MLS. You're thumbing through it. I'm also thumbing through the M LS with your criteria, and then the other thing that I like to set up that Zillow and don't have, and those are called listing alerts or hot sheets.

If you're kind of old school and remember it called hot sheets and those listing alerts now, those allow me to set your criteria. If the MLS itself, and when a listing hits your criteria, it will send it out to your e-mail instantly. So you are the first one to see it. Or one of the first ones to see it because people will have similar setups of criteria going to their clients. But I want to make sure that you can see it very ,very quickly.

So listing alerts help us to make sure that you are the front end align so that you can always have the best opportunity to get into that home. Well, to do that, we have to be on the MLS, and you have to be connected with me on the MLS. So that's why it's very, very important to have the M LS and to have a realtor that has access to the MLS. Everybody on our staff is fully licensed and trained to use the MLS and does have access to it.

So everybody on our staff, you'll never need to worry about their MLS access, and they can give it to you anytime. And make that connection and make sure that you get all the listing alerts that you would ever want to see to make sure that you're the first to buy that home in this crazy competitive market so that you can make sure that you get the home of your dreams instead of letting it walk by you or letting someone else buy it off of Zillow or something crazy. There's been a little bit of video about the MLS and why you need it, and we'll see you next time, and that's a wrap. Thank you so much for supporting us. We'll see you next time, and we love you!

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