Misty Sessions

Mortgage Loan Officer

My name is Misty Sessions with Cross Country Mortgage. I have been a licensed loan officer since November 2018. I graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Technical Sales in 2006. I have a love for learning and I am always watching webinars on the changing market, reading, or learning new changes to the programs we have. I have always been in sales and marketing. I am a mom to 3 boys and a step mom to 4 more boys, so we have quite the family dinners!


Helping people either achieve their dream of home ownership and/or their dream home is what makes what I do so amazing. I love working with first time homebuyers. I can help them manage down payment assistance programs and/or grant programs available. I also can help with credit repair so we can get you in the best position possible. I remember what it felt like to buy my first home and I want to give that experience to everyone I can. I have now been able to use the equity from my first home to buy the home I currently have, pay off debts, become a landlord, and help my husband start a business. Homeownership is more than having a place to lay down to sleep at night. It can help you achieve dreams and I want to be apart of that process for you!


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