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As the Broker for Fitness Realty, TJ partners with a diverse team of real estate professionals, representing buyers and sellers throughout the Wasatch Front, Utah. The properties purchased and sold through TJ and his team range from condos and income properties, to spectacular brand-new homes. In 2020, TJ and his team closed over 27 million in transactions in 96 deals. Wow, thank you for all the support and trust. He is very appreciative of all the amazing people that work hard to produce that, and he loves all of you.

Respected by his colleagues for his problem-solving and leadership skills, TJ possesses the ability to empower agents and create a collaborative, cooperative team. Continuously stressing the importance of building and maintaining client relationships, he provides agents with the market knowledge, technology, and resources they require to effectively meet their clients’ needs. Currently, Fitness Realty has 29 licensed agents, and about 55 amazing individuals in school studying to become the next million-dollar listing agent. TJ cares about training each person in a way that they can learn, he designed a teaching platform that can take anyone from 0 knowledge about real estate to being dangerous! Tailoring training with experience is how he motivates his team into becoming the sales force they are now, and one that is powering to the top, taking each agent from dangerous to extremely knowledgeable and effective.

Originally from West Jordan, TJ earned degrees in Business with an MBA from Western Governors University, and a Bachelor of Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. While in the United States Air Force, TJ developed a sense of duty and picked up skills that help him to excel in leadership roles. He completed 9 years of active duty military life and transitioned to the Utah National Guard, where he still helps facilitate a role in the Wing Safety Office.

Today, in addition to his team responsibilities, TJ is passionate about promoting better fitness levels and health levels for those around him. Encouraging those around him to go to the gym, drink more water, take a yoga class, pray more, or write in a journal, you can hear him stand on a soapbox spouting these exact phrases all the time. Boosting the energy of those around him, is honestly how he loves to help others. He often invites others to come to Topgolf, for networking, relaxation, and of course, blasting the crap out of some golf balls!

TJ resides in Saratoga Springs, the hidden gem of Utah, with his beautiful wife of 15 years, and his four amazing children. Living the dream in a brand new townhouse that will in the short future become his first rental property. BOOYAH!

TEXT OR CALL – 801-891-5305 anytime.

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P.S. If you made it this far…there is a gift waiting for you, our company gives a ton of gifts away, swag, pokemon cards, wax, we just love to share.


Feb 2018 – Opening Day

2018 Sales – 4 million

2019 Sales – 12 Million

2020 Sales – 27 Million

2021 Sales - 32 Million

2022 July - TJ McLelland Graduates Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program


20220825 - Finished Relentless by Tim Grover! So good.

20220827 - Finished Chakras: Exploring Charkras and Discovering Holistic Wellness

20220829 - Finished Unf**k Your Adulting

20220902 - Finished The 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson - Here are some of the most memorable clips, including the rules. Side note I really enjoyed the book. It was amazing. Rule 1, Stand up straight with your shoulders back. 90% of all communication uses only 500 words. Matthew 25:29, To those who have everything, more will be given, from those who have nothing, more will be taken. It is Fitness that is selected, Fitness is the probability that a given organism will leave offspring. Those who start to have will probably get more. Rule 2, Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. John 14:6, I am the way and the truth and the life. Matthew 7:14 Because straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be who find it. Question for parents, do you wanna make your children safe or strong? Women have been making Men self concious since the beginning of time. Happy is by no means synonomis with good. What should I be doing when I have some freedom to improve my health expand my knowledge and strengthen my body you need to know where you are so you can begin to chart your course. Rule 3, Make friends with people who want the best for you. Rule 4, Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today. It means better today, that makes everything better tomorrow, and in the future. Better means the improvement of being with a capital I and a capital B. Rule 5, Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them. Modern partents are paralized by thinking they won't be liked by their kids, and are willing to sacrifice their self respect to get it, THIS IS NOT GOOD. People often get psychological questions backwards, why do people take drugs? The right question is why don't they take them all the time? Clear rules and proper discipline help the family establish and maintain the order of chaos. There are no other greater gifts that a parent can do for their child. Rule 6, Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world. Rule 7, Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient. It might be time to sacrifice what you love the most in chance to become who you might become, instead of staying who you are. It's Jesus or Satin, if it is working for the building of being then it is Christ, and if it is working for the destruction of being, it is Satin. What should I do today, in a manner that is how can I make things better instead of worse? Meaning is the way, the path of life more abundant, speaking truth, do what is meaningful not what is expedient. Rule 8, tell the truth, or atleast don't lie. Truth builds edifices that will stand 1000 year, truth feeds and clothes the poor, and builds wealth for nations. Rule 9, Assume the person you are listening to might know something you don't, not advice. If you weren't so stupid, you wouldn't have your stupid problems. Assume that the person you are listening to might know something that you don't. Rule 10, Be precise in your speech. Specify your destination and chart your course. Admit to what you want, tell those around you, narrow and gaze attentively and move forward. Rule 11, Do not bother children when they are skateboarding. Father absent homes are 4x to be poor. Fatherless children are at risk for alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Children in single parent families are 2x more likely to commit suicide. Group identity can be fractionated, right down to the individual, every person is unique, and not just in a trivial manner, meaningful unique. Don't snitch, don't be a slave to stupid rules. Don't be dependent at all, ever. A man should look after a woman and children, he must not be dependent. Rule 12, Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street. Matthew 6:34, it is often interpreted live in the present for no cares tomorrow, that is not what it means. Coda...Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks, finds, and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. What shall I do tomorrow? The most good possible in the shortest amount of time. We are dividing and polarizing and drifting to chaos, we must bring forward the truth, not the arguments that justify our ideologies. Love your enemies, bless them, do good to them that hate you, that ye may be the children of your father which is in heaven. Aim to be the person at your fathers funeral everyone in their grief can rely on, that is a noble ambition. Life is hard enough when it is going well, but when it is going badly, that nothing is going so badly that it can't be made to go worse, that is why hell is a bottomless pit. Stregthen and encourage those in your care. Wish the best for others. AMAZING BOOK.

20220906 - Finished Alice in Wonderland, what a strange story, it was kind of like the movie, but then very different at the same time. I enjoyed hearing some of the funny ways the writer uses language.

20220908 - Finished The Official Guide to Success - I highly Recommend this one.

20220910 - Finished Think Like a Freak

20220912 - Finished Chakras: Chakra Balancing for Busy People

20220918 - Finished the Qur'an

20220920 - Finished Capitalism and Freedom

20220923 - Finished Unf*** Your Brain

20220928 - Finished Relentless Success

20221011 - Finished Freakonomics

20221019 - Finished Super Freakonomics

20221021 - Finished The War on Normal People

20221027 - Finished Start With Why

20221102 - Finished The Richest Man in Babylon

20221113 - Finished The Richest Man in Babylon for the second time, so I could take notes.
Foreward, 1, Start thy purse to fattening. 2, control thy expenditures. 3, make thy gold multiply. 4, guard thy treasures from loss. 5, make of thy dwelling a profitable investment. 6, ensure a future income. 7, increase thy ability to earn.

Decide that a part of all you earn is yours to keep. Keep no less than 1/10th of all you earn.

Old man, has an old tongue that loves to wag. The sun that shines today, is the same sun that shone when thy father was born, and will be the sun that shines as your last grandchild dies.

Every fool must learn.

Get thee an army of golden slaves that work for you.

A part of all I earn is mine to keep. Say it everyday. Make the treasure work for me too. Invest thy treasure with caution to protect it.

One with Justice shouldn't take away from a man what he has fairly earned, and give it to men of less ability.

7 cures to a lean purse.

1. Start thy purse to fattening. Use your income. Amusement...does anyone here have a lean purse? For every ten coins, you put in your purse, only take out but nine. Coins come to you more freely after this.

2. Control thy expenditures. Each of us always call our necessary expenses always grows to our incomes. Reduce or eliminate some expenses. Engraven on the clay all your expenses. Budget them. Touch not the 1/10th that is fattening thy purse. First Assistant in fattening thy purse. Budget shows all the leaks in thy purse. Budget thy expenses so you have coins to pay for necessities and don't spend more than 9/10ths.

3. Make thy gold multiply. Put each coin to laboring.

4. Guard thy treasures from loss. Secure small amounts, before the Gods entrust us with more. Make sure your deposit stays safe, in case you must take it back.

5. Make of thy dwelling to be a profitable investment. Have the house built, and then you can pay the money lender, instead of a landlord. Own thy own home.

6. Ensure a future income. Path of life, you will die. Prepare for a suitable income for when you are old, and protect against if you get taken early to the dark otherside. Buy houses or lands, and they have near-permanent value. Add sums of money to where you get a rental back, and let it grow. Someday a great plan could be made that pays families for a person that passes away. We still are not even close to this type of plan...we have insurance, but we don't have this type of plan.

7. Increase thy ability to earn. Earn more coins to grow. Acquire small sums, and then larger ones. Desires should be simple. Provide more value, and people will see that, and more coins will come your way. Abundance for all. Go practice these truths. Go forth and teach these truths.

Meet the Goddess of Good Luck. Do not look for her at the gaming tables, or chance. Look for her in honest trade, and hard work. Keep out 1/10th for good investments, you will accumulate a valuable estate. Procrastinators be cautious, opportunity doesn't wait for a slow fellow. Men of Action please the goddess of good luck. We must crush the procrastinator in all of us.

5 laws of gold.

Look out for deceit. Sent forth, and to become a man. Seek wisdom first. Put 1/10th of your earnings away. Gold comes to those that put gold to work, labor and diligently for profitable employment. Gold clingeth to the wise investor. Gold slippeth away from those that invest in businesses or ideas they do not understand. Gold flees the man that hunts for large returns that aren't true. Take no chance to invest in something that can lose your principle.

Helping a friend sometimes makes you carry the burden. Do not bring thy friends burdens upon thyself. Humans in the great emotions are not great risks for loans. Before any gold leaveth thy pouch, ensure it is going to something wise. Better a little caution than a big regret.

Behind good investments we can guard ourselves, like the walls of Babylon. We can not afford to be without adequate protection.

Thy debts are thy enemies. Are you a slave at heart, then you become a slave. If you are a free man at heart, then you can become a free man. Come back to pay thy debts. Debts were the enemies, but from friends. Make a list of the debts you owe. Led all men out of those times, where the determination is, the way is found.

The clay tablets from Babylon. Three purposes, future prosperity, 1/10th aside for mine to keep. Support and cloth my good wife, family, 7/10ths, shall be used for clothed and house, live upon this portion. Provide that my debts are paid...2/10ths of all I earn shall go to debts to be repaid, divided honestly and fairly. It is easier to pay ones just debts, than it is to avoid them. Great is the plan for it leadeth us out of debt, and lets us keep that which is ours to keep. The plan is untold value. He had a message for fellow sufferers, that is why these clay tablets are so good.

The luckiest man in Babylon. Good hard work makes you into a better man. Work is proving to be a best friend. Work proved to be the best friend after the tale.

20221204 - Finished Brave New World - I thought it was interesting...all the Soma reminded me of the Khat in Djibouti, just making the population docile. The ending was weird too.

20221208 - Finished All the Money in the World, I liked the views of this book. It really can get you to look at things differently. One of my favorite exercises was to think about what a weekend looks like that is memorable yet cost effective. Over and over again they said that humans do better with frequent little gestures of happiness, rather than one large one, meaning you might want to take more frequent small trips, rather than one huge one. Also, planning a trip typically has 8 weeks of happiness looking forward to it, so if you could do a small one ever two months, you would be happy all year long.

20221216 - Finished Beyond Chaos by Jordan Peterson. Rule 10, all about relationships is a must read!!! The rest of the book was good, but this section stood out to me. It was amazing.

20230111 - Finished The High 5 Habit, started high fiving myself in the mirror, and put up a quote on my bathroom mirror, "Today is going to be a great day!"

20230114 - Finished How to talk to anyone 62 tactics. Awesome. I liked the part about Whats It. Having something on your clothes that someone can ask Whats That. So you can strike up conversation.

20230120 - Finished Super Human - eliminate sugar, eat healthier, get exercise, multivitamin, brain octane oil, activated charcoal supplements. Let's go. I will have a video out if that stuff is snake oil.

20230125 - You're a bad ass - get your mind right.

2023 Goals

Continue to strengthen myself in 4 Pillars, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Social

Read my Patriarchal Blessing, Goals, and Proclamation once a week or more

Increase my weekly purchase of Crypto to $100 BTC, $100 ETH, $100 CRO

1 More Rental - Personal

2 More Rentals for Fitness Realty - Increase doors to 4 or more

Tithing all year long

Kid Meetings on Sunday

Wife Meeting on Sunday

Adventure book with my sweet bride

Adventure book with family

24-Hour Fast once a month, reflection time, insight, meditate for a few hours on that day and put in my calendar for lead-up time

Potential meat diet before the cruise

Maintain calisthenics workout all year sprinkled with weights when the garage is clean

Stretch daily with a short and sweet setup

Get the CRB title from the NAR and see what information is there to help me grow

Listen to more real estate specific books

Make more opportunities for team members to get together at least 20 team meetings

Host the 5th Anniversary party for Fitness Realty

Listen to 20 books

Go to every broker open house/career night from Stringham, and bring newer agents if possible too

Use my CRM Spreadsheet Quarterly, the call list

Rewatch all of the training videos, make 10 brand new ones, condense some old ones, add podcast episodes

Start a new tag system in Convert Social CRM, Close Family, First Name Acquaintances, Everyone Else

Once tags are set up, set new automation stuff

Potentially new categories for training on the platform, start marketing the free training, lead into paid for training

Listen to Exactly What to Say once a quarter

Get our training analytics much higher

Join Spark Golf League again, invite others to join

Practice short game 3 hours a week - track progress in shot scope work on weak areas

Open up Google Ads again, get 10 lenders on board with marketing budgets, push 1 million impressions

Maintain 5/7 days a week on Duolingo - Spanish

Plan a family vacation - cruise or a couple of cruises

Attend the temple 2 times

Help Zach become a broker

Open up Fitness Realty North or whatever it is going to be called

Increase my network and influence on social media - schedule metricool posts

Host 11 ADPI meetups with over 100 participants, increase exposure on Hill AFB

Run Spartan Race with a team

Grow Fitness Realty to 30 agents or more - Pipeline of students

Close 30 Million as a team2 more business partners for Fitness Realty

Give away $1000 in Crypto on the cryptodotcom app, teach about crypto

10 customers on MojiLife

Start writing a Broker specific book

Start writing my other book

Get Brian Swan on board

Create my map of clients on google for easy driving and delivering 2023 gifts and calendars

Have a booth at Fitcon - 300 new contacts

Have a booth at the State Fair - increase brand awareness and gain 500 new contacts

Host 2 more events at the request of my team; they choose the place and event and pay for half of it

Move all silver, gold, and cards into cash and then into homes

2030 Obsidian Crypto Card

Streamline processes at work - faster - better - more manageable - make some automation links

Update Wardrobe

Read The Air Force Doctrine Books, Blue Book, Brown Book, Purple Book, Blueprint Book

Deliver Turkeys and donate funds to Thanksgiving Heroes, Family Service Project

Look up what new course I have to do for SeniorMSGT

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